Hall of Fail: Terrell Owens Cut From IFL Team for Breach of Contract! Really?

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Hall of Fail: Terrell Owens Cut From IFL Team for Breach of Contract! Really?

Terrell Owens also known as “T.O.” was released by the Allen (Texas) Wranglers because he allegedly breached his contract with the team.  We all know Owens started playing in the IFL for some quick cash and the opportunity to stay in the football long enough hoping an NFL tryout would come out of it.  Per terms negotiated in his contract he showed up on game days to play, and then never saw his teammates again until the next game.  Let’s realize one thing before we continue the team agreed to all of this for the chance to market T.O. in hopes of boosting attendance.
Terrell Owens
According to the Wranglers’ official press release, Owens was let go because “he made it clear that he had no intentions of playing in the team’s upcoming crucial away games in Nebraska and Everett.”  Surprisingly T.O. was not to blame here, it was expressly written into his contract that he didn’t have to play away games unless paid by the other team to show up.  The Wranglers also contend he was a no-show at a team appearance at a children’s hospital, and if Owens did in fact not show up then it was possibly a violation of his contract.

The out clause in Owen’s contract is a savior for the Wranglers, because Owens was being paid a salary in the six figures.  He had also negotiated a 30 percent stake in the team on top of the salary he was being paid.  The principle owner saw that after a record crowd of 5,711 for Owens’s Wranglers debut, attendance dropped back to less than half that for subsequent games.  Once those facts were bought to light, then the rest of the teams ownership probably started looking for an exit strategy.  Since Owens was released for violating the terms of his contract rather than any performance issues, he’s no longer owed the remainder of his salary, and forfeits his ownership stake in the franchise.

Although Owens probably has some legs to stand on in defending himself here, he has to go into the Hall of Fail for being associated with the IFL in the first place.  Owens made over $80 million dollars playing in the NFL, and yes things happen to people, but there are better things to do other than playing in a third rate league.  The NFL tryout is never coming, and Owens has failed to realize that it’s not coming because of his attitude and the reputation he has built in NFL locker rooms.  Associating himself with the IFL could only end horribly, there were no good exit plans for being associated with the Allen Texas Wranglers.  Owens is one of the top five receivers in NFL history and he has been relegated to a circus sideshow that was just canceled, someone please stop the madness that is Terrell Owens!

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