Hall Of Fail: 2012 College Football Opening Week Blunders

Sports Session September 4, 2012 0
Hall Of Fail: 2012 College Football Opening Week Blunders

We had several worthy contenders that could go into the Hall of Fail during it’s opening week, so we thought why not add several at a time.

Mississippi State Football Team

One of the time honored traditions in football is running out to the field while the band is playing, and many teams have some sort of banner or a smoke machine.  We see the paper banner used more in high school sports than we do in college, as colleges typically favor the smoke machine. The Mississippi state bulldogs were no exception as they took the field for their opening came of the season.  Well they had a little bit of trouble, as they were running out through the smoke a few players lost their way and fell, which caused the players behind them to trip and fall over them as well.  It had to be one of the most tragic fail entries onto a football field that has happened in a long time, and I am sure any fear the other team had of them went out the window.  That was the only hiccup of the day for the Bulldogs, the failed entrance was not a predictor of how they would perform as they hammered Jackson State 56-9.  Check out the photo and video of the carnage below.


Kent State’s Andre Parker Returns Muffed Punt Wrong Way

Late in the first half, Kent State punted to Towson’s Derrick Joseph, who let the bouncing ball graze his arm.  Parker realized Joseph’s mistake, grabbed the ball at the Towson 7 and proceeded to sprint in the wrong direction.  Parker stiff-armed the first would-be tackler as he barreled down the field.  In the wrong direction of course. To the chagrin of the Towson coaching staff, two Towson players ran down Parker and tackled him near the sideline.  This prevented him from running into the end zone where Towson would have gotten two points for a safety!  We are just kidding about the safety the rules dictate a muffed punt can’t be advanced so his 58 yard “run forward” didn’t count anyway.  If you look at the video below, it was actually a good “run forward” by Parker, he was fast, stiff armed a few players and looked determined, if only he had run the other way.  Kent State won the game 41 – 21.

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