Michael Jordan Banned From Country Club For Wearing Cargo Pants

Sports Session November 28, 2012 0
Michael Jordan Banned From Country Club For Wearing Cargo Pants

Michael Jordan was one of the most popular players in professional sports, and luckily for him his character flaws did not start to become public until after his career was over.  Jordan has always written his own rules, and live by his own code and he expects those around or beneath him to fall in line.  Well Jordan learned a small lesson that everyone doesn’t follow what Mr. Jordan wants to be done, he apparently likes wearing Cargo pants when playing golf.  The problem with that is the golf course/country club he was playing at strictly forbids wearing them.

As a result of his insistent violation of the rules the La Gorce Country Club in Miami banned him from the facility.  The report in the New York Post states that the country club mandates golfers wear a collared shirt and Bermuda shorts while playing. It seems Jordan loves his pant compartments as much as he loves competition, because he apparently didn’t heed the rules.  The club apparently gave Jordan several opportunities to change his wardrobe, but he declined and with several other club members complaining about his attire they club had to act.

Jordan’s representatives, say that he was never asked to change his wardrobe on previous visits to the club and was in the middle of the 12th hole when asked to change this time.  Sure it was ultimately the result of crabby members who are jealous that Jordan can do whatever he wants, and they wanted an opportunity to stick it to him.  I am sure there are plenty of other clubs who will take Jordan’s membership, so it’s unclear if Jordan is the loser her or the Country Club.

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