The 2013 BCS Title Game Highlights The Need For A Playoff

Sports Session January 8, 2013 0
The 2013 BCS Title Game Highlights The Need For A Playoff

The BCS Title game is over and done with, and what was supposed to be the night that college football puts it’s best foot forward it once again fell short.  Alabama demolished Notre Dame (who was ranked #1) 42 – 14 after jumping out to a 28 – 0 lead at halftime.  Any attempt to showcase college football was lost last night, as the game itself provided little to no intrigue unless you were an Alabama or SEC fan.  There are plenty of articles talking about the game, but no one seems to want to talk about the failure that has been the BCS title game the last two seasons.  To add to that the BCS as a whole has just been horrible the last two seasons, and has highlighted even more the need for a College Football playoff.

Much of the reason behind the failures of the BCS is the heavy reliance on the polls in it’s formula.  The whole concept behind the BCS was to get away from the polls as the primary determining factor in determining who plays and wins the National Championship, but with the standings heavily weighted by the polls it’s only been a slight improvement.  To the BCS’s credit it has gotten it right several times by putting the consensus two best teams in the game, but there have been many times where that has been in question.

Notre Dame was the poster boy for the flaws with the polls and BCS in general, as they were ranked #1 and an underdog coming into the game.  Yet they were blown out and out classed in every phase of the game on Monday night, and to add insult to injury Western Kentucky only gave up 35 points to the same Alabama team.

With the lack of any scheduling consistency in college football other than conference games and rivalries a team can go 12 – 0, and that not really mean much.  There are many teams that many would pick over the Irish, and may in fact beat Notre Dame on the field in a head to head matchup.  The truth is College Football is not what it used to be and probably never will be because of the great money machine.  The TV ratings were better than last years for the title game, but that’s because more and more people are choosing to stay home rather than attend games.

Bowl games used to be events that people would take time off and attend, but the way they schedule them now people don’t want to take the time off work.  The Sugar Bowl had low attendance this year, and bowl games in general are not doing as well as they have in the past.  Compare to the NFL playoffs and you see the easy solution is a robust playoff, and although we are getting a four team one in a few years it still doesn’t go far enough.

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