Why The Jets Are Right To Trade Darrelle Revis

Sports Session March 6, 2013 0
Why The Jets Are Right To Trade Darrelle Revis

If you listen to Mike Greenberg on ESPN you would think that the New York Jets trading Darelle Revis is the end of the world.  He started his campaign to drum up support on social media to hopefully influence the Jets to keep Darrelle Revis.  Well it appears that the Jets have found a trade partner and are now actively working on a deal to send arguably the best corner back in the league to another team, and it’s absolutely the right move by the Jets front office.

The Jets are facing salary cap issues already coming into the 2013 season, and let’s face it the Jets are not a Super Bowl caliber team rightMark-Sanchez-Darelle-Revis_2646908 now.  To win in the NFL you have to have a quaterback, and the Jets are stuck with Mark Sanchez for at least one more season.  They are rumored to be bringing in someone like a David Garrard, and the GM game out yesterday and said Tim Tebow could in the starting jobs.  Those are three names that you don’t get excited about lining up to take the snaps from center, and the Jets receiving core is a bunch of no name players with the exception of Santonio Holmes who really isn’t a true No. 1 wideout.

On the defensive side of the ball the Jets were ranged 25th overall in total yards given up, 13th in points per game, 31st against the pass, and 7th against the rush.  Getting Revis back would improve those numbers against the pass, but wouldn’t do anything to fix the offense.  The amount of money Revis is looking for $10 – $13 million per year is going to force the Jets to cut decent players in order to make room for his contract, so the net gain may be zero.

Revis already has held out before, and getting a deal done with him isn’t going to be easy.  He is coming off of an ACL injury, and approaching 30 years old, and with the Jets not ready to be a top tier NFL team do you really want to build your franchise around a corner back?  The Jets need to blow everything up and start over, they need a good QB to start with and seeing what Russell Wilson, RGIII, and Andrew Luck were able to do it might not take them long to turn things around.  Signing Revis would make them more competitive, but not a team that’s ready to compete for a super bowl.  That means it’s time to part ways, and although they won’t get equal value at least they can start the rebuilding process now.

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