Why The Media Needs to Cool It On FGCU’s Head Coach Andy Enfield

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Why The Media Needs to Cool It On FGCU’s Head Coach Andy Enfield

Florida Gulf Coast University is in the middle of a magical run in the NCAA tournament, they are one of the hottest stories on most sports websites.  The little known school situated in Ft. Myers, Florida faces the Florida Gators in the Sweet 16 for their next game.  With a run like this comes instant popularity and scrutiny as everyone tries to get the scoop on the school, players, and coaches before anyone else does.

A strange thing has happened with this story that has taken media integrity to a new low.  Andy Enfield has been thrust into the spotlight, and he is being dissected from every angle as only the media can do.  This is fairly normal behavior except the media has g032013_Enfield-Marcum_400one even further into areas that are outside of things the media should really be asking about.  What we have found out so far is the fact that Enfield is a self made millionaire as he worked for a software contract management company in the health care industry.

Enfield left with several million dollars to pursue his dream of becoming a basketball coach, and that’s when he landed at Florida State as an assistant coach for five seasons.  Then two years ago he became the head coach at Florida Gulf Coast University, and all of this is a great story that the media has done a good job of bringing to the public.  The part where the media has over stepped it’s boundaries is when it comes to Enfield and his wife Amanda Marcum.  Marcum is a former super model who has photo shoots in Milan and Maxim, and you get the picture a very beautiful woman.

Well the media seems mystified why a woman who is so beautiful is married to a normal looking guy with a gap in between his front teeth like Enfield.  In several recent interviews reporters outright asked Enfield, “when you look at you wife and then look at yourself do you ever wonder how?”  Then listening to ESPN on the past few days some of the hosts on their day time line up were drooling all over Enfield’s wife, and then saying “how does that guy pull something like that”?  It’s the most obnoxious and unethical behavior I have ever seen from a legitimate sports reporting organization.

It’s none of ESPN’s or the publics business why his wife chose to marry him, and who do these reporters think they are even asking that type of question.  Enfield has taken it like a true professional and say getting his wife is a credit to his “gym membership”, but I am sure he is put off by the line of questioning.  This is just another example of how sports and sports media are dying a slow death, and the fact that I seem to be tuning in less and less to the buffoonery means it’s only getting worse.


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