Hall of Fail: Antonio Cromartie Doing his Part to Keep the Planet Populated!

Sports Session March 8, 2010 0

Antonio Cromartie was thought to be one of the premier cornerbacks in the NFL coming into the 2009 season, but he struggled this year and ended up having a mediocre season.  How could a guy who made a name for himself intercepting Peyton Mannings passes multiple times in one game fall so far?  Cromartie has made several stupid decisions which can be seen from the quote below:

“I have seven kids that live in five different states. I made some wrong decisions in my first two years in the league. Now I have to take on the responsibility of being a father to my kids. I can separate my personal life and off-the-field issues from football … The mothers [and I] try to work out a schedule where I can see my kids. I talk to them on IChat and Skype. We try to find different ways for me to be in their lives, no matter how it is.”

— Antonio Cromartie, traded from the Chargers to the Jets on Thursday night, on some of his off-the-field issues that spurred San Diego to jettison him.  (cnnsi.com)

Because of this fact Mr. Cromartie will be inducted into the Hall of Fail today.  He has had a lot of off the field issues over the past few seasons, but this is the epitome of failure.  First of all seven children over five states, what that means is at least seven times (definitely more) he chose not to excercise safe sex practices.  This guy makes millions of dollars and is to cheap or too stupid to go purchased condoms?  AIDS and HIV are real, and they could derail his NFL career quicker than just about anything else, not sure what he was thinking here.

On top of catching a life threatening STD, he gets multiple women pregnant.  Now earlier he was risking an STD, but fathering all of those children will put a hefty dent in his NFL salary.  Rae Carruth was paying somewhere in the neighborhood of $3000 a month out of his $350k a year salary, and that was enough for him to pay for a hit.  Cromartie makes more money than Carruth, and has six more kids than he did.  I would not be surprised if Cromartie was paying somewhere in the neighborhood of $30k a month for all of those children, if the mothers were smart enough to put him on child support.  I just read part of an article that said one of the mother’s is suing him for being behind about $25,000.00 in child support payments!!!

Then there was the information that came saying that Cromartie is unable to read, and had to have help to get through college.  Now I am not going to pick fun at someone who has a learning disability, but there are many people who are learning disabled and overcome it.  Apparently Cromartie had someone at Florida State read the material to him, and covert it all to audio so he could “study”.  A teammate at Florida State said Cromartie could only read one or two words a MINUTE!!!  I just find all of this disturbing, and how good are the conversations on ichat with his kids if he can barely read?

Overall Cromartie is a talented player, and hopefully he will be great for the Jets especially playing across from Darrelle Revis.  But, he really needs to get his life together and realize that seven kids from six different women is dangerous and reckless behavior.  I am sorry to do it, but Antonio welcome to the Hall!!!

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