Hall of Fail: Former Patriots Running Back Corey Dillon Assaults Wife With Soy Sauce???

Sports Session May 11, 2010 0

Corey Dillon was once a prominent NFL running back, you can say he was arguably one of the best in the league when he was playing.  Now Dillon is in the news for a different reason, Dillon was arrested for felony spousal abuse at his home in Calabasas last night after his wife, Desiree Dillon, called 911 claiming she had been assaulted.

Corey Dillon was arrested by police after they showed up at his house, but his wife says that he did not physically hit her.  They filed for divorce last month sometime, so I guess an altercation was bound to happen.  But here is the odd part of the story, although Corey did not physically strike her he admits to throwing water and soy sauce on her!

WTH?  Seriously Corey the I didn’t hit her, I just splashed her with Soy Sauce defense is a bad one.  Why would you even go there?  Just say we had an argument and it did not get physical, instead he invokes the it was only Soy Sauce like it makes things look better or something.

You know Corey here at The Sports Session we loved watching you play in the NFL, and we think you were one of the best running backs during your time.  But this incident only highlights the reason you are being inducted into the Hall of Fail.  Maybe Corey will take advantage of this situation and market his own brand of Soy Sauce?  I can see it on billboards now Corey Dillon’s Kung Pow Soy Sauce!  Corey Dillon welcome to the Hall!!

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