Delonte West Dating Lebron’s Mom? What Would You Do If a Teammate Crossed The Line?

Sports Session May 18, 2010 2

In sports teammates generally become friends, you spend a lot of time together on the road, losing together, winning together.  Over time a bond usually develops, and certain lines should not be crossed.  Inevitably it is in human nature to cross these lines, and even betray friends or family.  So much is the “alleged” rumor of what is going on in Cleveland between Lebron James and Delonte West who have been teammates for the past several years.

Reports have surfaced which say Delonte West was engaged in an intimate affair with James’ mother Gloria, and Lebron even approached West about the situation and West allegedly turned an indifferent shoulder to Lebron.  Lebron James is of course upset about the situation, especially since it has now been exposed to the scrutiny of the public. His overall reaction is nothing less than what you would expect if you were in his position.

I have friends with beautiful mothers, and even if I was afforded the opportunity to engage in activities similar to West, I would probably still pass because I live by a set of rules which say a friend’s mom, sister, and ex-girlfriends are off limits.  Only in rare cases with a friends blessing would the ex-girlfriend or sister be fair game, but NEVER a friend’s mother.

Several internet rumors mentioned by ESPN say that Lebron was made aware of West’s indiscretions before Game Four of the Cavaliers’ series with the Boston Celtics, and James played the remainder of the series under that dark cloud of information.

I’m not sure how much of this story is true, but think about it Lebron’s out of character performances in games four and five against the Boston Celtics were quite odd.  I would think hearing that your teammate is getting intimate with your mother just might have an effect on your emotions and thus your play.

West’s alleged scoff at James’ disapproval of the relationship only creates more tension for the city of Cleveland, and could create even more of a reason for Lebron to decide to leave town.

But she does bear responsibility in this current situation, and her behavior will still reflect directly on LeBron, so it would seem she would have better judgment when thinking about dating her son’s teammates.  But on the flip side she is a grown woman who is capable of making her own decisions, and although Lebron may not like it what can he really do about it?

At this point all of these are just RUMORS, but there is enough chatter that people will believe it whether it is true or not.  This brings up an interesting discussion topic; most of us played some type of sport in high school or college.  Friends and teammates would often catch rides home with us, or eat at our parent’s house.

What would the average person do if they were in Lebron’s situation?  Would they beat the living crap out of Delonte West, or would they approach their mom about the situation and give her a piece of their mind?  If you were Lebron would this affect your decision to re-sign with Cleveland?  Would you use your status with the team to get Delonte West kicked off the team as a stipulation of your signing a new contract with Cleveland?

Hopefully we will get some feedback on this, not about if it is true or not, but how you would react if a teammate crossed that forbidden line and dated your mother?  If it is true Delonte West, welcome to the Hall!


  1. HobDragonDotCom May 18, 2010 at 10:20 am - Reply

    Me? I would put a bullet in that boy. You play in the f-cking NBA and have troves of sexy strange ass willing to jump on you without hesitation and you choose to stick your shiv into my only mother. He needs to be shot.

  2. jonathan gross January 24, 2012 at 4:54 pm - Reply

    **** that! That is so wrong on delonte west part! Come on man, that’s ho* @SS sh*t man! Grow up and be a man not a boy! It sounds like he needs a old @SS whooping by labron James! That’s like ur bestfriend having sex with a ex-girlfriend or sister perhaps. Damn dawg that’s foul sh*t bro. I would definilty leave or ask him to leave cause every practice every game would be hard to focus on such a thing and try to perform ur best to play ur all around game. West….carmia is a b*tch and I hope ur wife leaves ur punk @ss!

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